Service Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Crossroads at Pleasant Hill

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I got double charged ($26 twice) on my credit card for my visit on 11/20/17. For some reason, when I first put my credit card in your card reader, your computer screen froze and the hair stylist seemed confused as to what happened. I had already "approved" the credit card transaction. However, the hair stylist told me I needed to put my card in again since she didn't think the first charge went through. I felt a little uneasy about doing this but she assured me I hadn't been charged yet. When I got my credit card statement in the mail, I see that I got charged twice. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this in case you have similar problems with your computer and credit card machine. It's annoying and disappointing that I now need to deal with the credit card company to dispute the double charge. Perhaps there could have been a way for the hair stylist to spend a little more time to check your system to confirm that I actually hadn't been charged twice. She seemed to be rushing me to put in my card a second time without spending anytime to find out what the issue was with the computer.

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