Third Party Reviews

Scott C. | August 03, 2015 |

"All and all this Sport Clips has never let me down. On my last visit my stylist Chell was great. She sold the VIP deal effortlessly. Keep it up!"

Frank Myers | October 01, 2018 |

"Nice place. Quick haircut"

Ozzy Ramos1977 Ramos | October 02, 2018 |

"Nices place to go se Football and get a hair cut"

Neale M. | September 29, 2018 |

"This review is for my experience at this location on 9/28/18. I received a pass/coupon for a free haircut expiring at the end of the month of September for this or the Concord location as a result of what appears to be an annual Sport Clips community promotion by the owner for a customer donating new, unused school supplies to a Sports Clips location in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill or Concord for the benefit of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. The store was fairly busy on Friday afternoon - there were people waiting ahead of me and all stylists appeared to be working - and I was greeted upon entering and utilized the online registration at the counter (apparently there is an online check in feature as well, which I did not know about until writing this review and which looks to be very useful). While this was the first time I had used such online registration feature, its quite useful and you're able to select a stylist (i.e., by name) or the first available stylist and see your name as well as the wait time, and others in line on a transparent screen display near the counter. The online registration is fairly easy to use and I selected Vanessa as my stylist as a) I was pleased with the actual haircut that I received from Vanessa during my last visit; b) Vanessa was working during this visit; and c) the difference in wait time between the first available stylist and Vanessa was 8 minutes and I was fine with waiting an additional 8 minutes. There was a fantasy football program on the tv screen in the waiting area and while I don't recall precisely how long was the total wait, I know my actual total wait time was less than 15 minutes. I was also greeted by name by Vanessa and while it seems that her station has moved from my prior visit, I stored a personal item (i.e., my backpack) on the floor near her station. Given I wanted the same haircut I previously received, she said she was going to check the notes. Apparently any notes on my prior haircut were not available although the process was about the same as in my prior review (no hairstyle book with pictures this time, which I also appreciated). That said, she checked in with me multiple times for any adjustments and to make sure I was satisfied and she was also conservative with regard to length (as we discussed) since I did not want too much hair cut off and I was relying on her ability to be conservative in that regard until I was certain or satisfied. While I had at least a few specific adjustments or requests during a couple of Vanessa's check-ins, she handled them both professionally and to my satisfaction. Also, I will say that the hair cut was more efficient this time (i.e., it took less time than the prior visit), which I appreciated (and somewhat expected), and Vanessa was still personable. After my haircut was completed I provided my free haircut coupon/card/pass at the register and paid a tip via my credit card and selected the option for an email receipt. Vanessa also verbally described the haircut and/or what she did upon my request as I was pleased with my haircut and I wanted to know specifics (i.e., length of hair cut off the top, sides, back, etc.) for future reference since there were slight differences from my previous haircut (my hair was longer prior to being cut this time than it was at my prior visit) and I made written note of what she verbally told me at the register. Although I was a little surprised by the gesture, she also reached out to shake my hand as I was about to leave which I accepted and found to be both professional as well as outside the norm of any prior haircut experiences I've ever had. On an unrelated note, I stopped by this location while in the area for a neck trim after my last review and prior to this review some time in late June or early July (I do not recall the exact date except that it was after June 16) of this year. While there was a 10-15+ minute listed wait and I did not use the online registration at the counter, a customer in line ahead of me kindly let me go ahead of him upon a stylist asking his permission and mentioning that I was only seeking a neck trim and that it wouldn't take long (which it did not, and no I would not wait 15+ minutes for a neck trim at any Sport Clips location). Although I unfortunately don't recall the stylist's name or the gentleman's, I appreciated the neck trim and great service I received from her (the stylist) as well as a very kind gesture from a customer at this location."

Aa A. | September 28, 2018 |

"I'll leave a 3 star because I had a great experience last time. This review is specifically about Ashley, who I believe is a manager here. From the beginning she complained about how she couldn't wait to be off tomorrow, needed to take a lunch, how she had to come in today because someone called out, how one of her employees just left without taking out the trash and a couple other disparaging remarks. It's unprofessional to talk like this especially if you are a manager. On to the haircut, she cut into the temple areas, cut unevenly and too high above one ear and left the back completely uneven. She was clearly agitated and appears to have taken it out on my head. While I can recommend the shop in general I will never let Ashley cut my hair again."

Chad B. | September 27, 2018 |

"Some people on yelp crack me up. These one star reviews are just ridiculous. Someone said that no one greeted them??? Bahaha, that's why there is online check in and registration at the counter. Ask yourself would you want your stylist to stop your haircut to go check someone in? Just punch in your name it's not that hard. Listen, I love sports clips. I have been coming for years now, my son and I get our haircuts every two weeks like clock work. They make it a point to know our names, keep track of how we like our hair, and always make it enjoyable. Harmonee and her team are fantastic! Go here, type in your name ( again, it's not that hard), and get the best haircut experience. Cheers!"

Nick Roman | August 12, 2018 |

"Lady that cut my son's hair was great, his first time so she gave him their MVP package- nice touch. Also she was honest with what her opinion/preference was regarding style and cuts and that was helpful to my son to hear it from a stylist(and a girl😉) regarding what style to go for!!"

Aminullah Muhammadi | August 18, 2018 |

"Will never return, back of neck hair line is uneven and they got hair all over the place. I don’t recommend this place to any of my friends or family"

Jorge D. | July 25, 2018 |

"It's sad Alvin from Guam is no longer working at Sport Clips at Ygnacio Valley Walnut Creek Shop.. He is a great hair stylist because Alvin takes time to listen and not assume which results to an excellent hair cut! You leave the chair no stress and HAPPY! Great person humor is awesome.. I will surely miss Mr Alvin from Guam !!!!"

Adam L. | November 07, 2016 |

"Chelle goes above and beyond. She always takes her time to get the cut perfect. I have a thinning hair line and Chelle gives me tips and tricks to make my hair appear more fuller. Thank you Chelle."